In this fully-integrated brand campaign, we brought the iconic Chicken of the Sea Mermaid to life with a modern makeover and a social media presence, allowing consumers to get to know the Mermaid and her personality like never before.
Outspent 52 to 1,we embarked on an online strategy for Chicken of the Sea tuna that incorporated compelling and relevant elements targeting moms, including a casual game that became the most played game ever on, one of the largest gaming platforms on the Web. We also delivered on a key success metric, increasing "likes" to the Chicken of the Sea's Mermaid Facebook page six-fold within five months.

We started by giving the iconic Mermaid a modern makeover.

The Mermaid's personality came to life on social media.

We engaged her growing fanbase with culturally-relevant initiatives.

And earned new fans with targeted preroll ads and social games. 
The Chicken of the Sea's Undersea Treasure Match game quickly became the most played game in history amassing more than 4 million total plays and averaging approximately 150,000 plays per day.
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