Sprint and Love My Credit Unions Rewards teamed up to give credit union members across the country $100 in cash for every line they opened with Sprint. No strings attached, just cold, hard cash. 

To announce this offer to credit union member in the most targeted and attention-grabbing way, we launched paid and organic social units featuring a lovable muppet named Melvin who surprised strangers all across America with $100 bills. 
Meet Melvin
Melvin used to be just like every other puppet. He was a corporate “yes man.” A dummy on a string with no voice (save for when he was uncomfortably close to a ventriloquist). Nobody took him seriously, and one day, he just couldn’t take it anymore.
He cut the corporate cord—literally—in pursuit of a real life, liberty and happiness. He changed everything, from his clothes to his cell phone carrier. He took out a student loan from a credit union and started studying finance. He began exercising, dating, even meditating.
But things weren’t all good with Melvin. You see, the real world can be a tough place for a puppet. Every day, Melvin is faced with puppet stereotypes. People think everything he says is a joke. They find him hard to believe.
Melvin has to work extra hard to convince people to listen to him. Even when he’s got exciting news to share. But if anyone is up for the challenge, it’s this positively persistent puppet.
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