The people at Chevrolet are some of the most passionate, innovative thinkers I've ever met. They look at things a little differently and see the possibilities that others miss. So when Chevrolet challenged my team to create a global content series that showcased the ingenious side of the brand, we knew right where to look: Inside the walls of Chevrolet.
Brand Truth
For Chevrolet, "Ingenuity" is more than a buzzword, it's how they operate everyday. It's how they think.
Cultural Insight
From Ted Talks to podcasts, when it comes to "educational" content, people want ideas they can use in their own lives. They don't want brands talking about how smart they are. 
Desired Experience
If you think a little different, you'll see more possibilities in your life.

THE IDEA: Unlocked by Chevrolet
Does the world really need more stories about how smart automakers are? Hell no. But sometimes we could all use a reminder that if we look at our surroundings with an open mind, we’ll see new ideas. Introducing Unlocked by Chevrolet, an original content series that takes you inside the minds of some the most unexpected, clever innovators at Chevrolet. 
Episode Poster Artwork
Episode 1: Josh Smith
Episode 2: Ven Lai
EPISODE 3: Kayla McDonell
Episode 4: Charlie Rusher
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